/ Not an expected launch

You never know until you fail

Without a goal, you can’t score

…not even the first release and plans are already changing!

I lost the first edition draft, but what does it cost me to rewrite and update it again?

If I have a Monday release planned, it will come on Monday.

Thought of the week

The introspection illusion is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly think they have direct insight into the origins of their mental states, while treating others' introspections as unreliable.


Ribbon, an on-demand tool that allows video recording with users in a remote way.

What I’m focusing on

Develop your sense of attention in a distracted word before you even understand how to dedicate yourself to something.

I am really attracted and curious this week to understand the direction of my focus and committment.

I finished reading an interesting book, the Go-Giver.

The moment I focus on you, I am dedicating myself to you.

Applied to the areas of personal growth, relationships and work it is what makes my life happy.

Right now, I'm giving it my all by focusing on writing this newsletter which I intend to cultivate in order to unlock you and be happy with some thoughts.

Time is devoted to this activity completely without distractions.

This is the goal, lost drafts aside.

And you? What are you focusing on?

Notes and refers:

See you next week!
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